5 Reasons Why Content Needs High-Quality Photos

The Importance of Visual Content – 5 Reasons Why Content Needs High-Quality Photos

The world is constantly changing––and the digital marketing realm is no different. If a business hopes to be successful, it needs to be adaptable and willing to adjust to every kind of change imaginable. While words are a great way to communicate with your audience, they’re often not enough to entice and attract people. Don’t get us wrong, the written word matters, but it’s not enough.  Let’s go over the importance of visual content.

Here are a few reasons why you need to start including high-quality photos in your website content.

1. Content With High-Quality Photos Performs Better

To begin with, web content containing visuals like images or videos perform better––on average, receiving up to 94 percent more views. That’s huge. To give you a few more ideas of how visuals can change your marketing game, let’s talk numbers. Email marketing campaigns that include images have a higher click-through rate than campaigns without images. What’s more? Infographics can increase your website traffic by 12 percent. 

When it comes to social media, Tweets with images or videos receive, on average, a 28 to 35 percent increase in retweets. On social media giant, Facebook, more than 100 million hours are watched on Facebook every day. 

Let’s look past statistics and focus on evidence-based reasons why your content needs compelling visuals.

The Importance of Visual Content - dorsay2. People Prefer Visuals

People prefer visuals. It’s simple. And before you say, “Oh, that darn Facebook!” or “Kids and their electronics these days” people’s preferences for video, animation, and imagery over text actually stems from how much faster they can consume it––not because of our collective modern-day short attention spans.

Visuals are just easier to digest and they’re more available than ever. With the influx of multi-device usage for people across the planet––it’s not surprising that visual content has been so integral to success.  

3. Good Visuals Are Hard to Forget

Visuals don’t just stand out at first sight; they’re also easier to remember. If you want your audience to remember your website, you need to provide them with well-researched, visually striking, useful content. 

From a science standpoint, visual aids can improve learning up to 400 percent and process 60,000 times faster than by text alone. Keep in mind that most of the human population retains information through visual aids.

4. Striking Visuals Stand Out on Google

Google, as you know it, is ever-changing. As such, it’s always evolving, adding, and taking away search verticals. To stay on top of Google, you need to know how to adjust your content accordingly. This could mean using visually appealing images, engaging visual content, and striking videography.

5. Visuals Help Those With Short Attention Spans

Web design in the era of short attention spans needs to be curated thoughtfully, to maximize the likelihood of capturing your audience’s attention and keeping it. The average person can get distracted within a few seconds. That doesn’t give you enough time to grab someone’s attention. 

You want to make sure you capture their attention immediately. But don’t just stop there, make sure you create content that will keep them coming back. 

Visuals can make a considerable difference for your brand! Using compelling content along with striking imagery is a great way to position your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.