How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate Leads

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate Leads

LinkedIn hosts more than 660 million members globally and has quickly grown into the number one website for business. No matter who your customers are, they are almost certainly on the platform in one way or another. With the depth of filters and targeting parameters, you can use marketing campaigns to your advantage.

If Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the only social media platforms you use in your digital marketing strategy, you may be missing out on potential leads. In this blog, we’ve outlined a few ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate leads and boost your business.

Why Should I Use LinkedIn?

You might be reading this and thinking, “Isn’t LinkedIn just for forming business connections?” And while forming business connections on LinkedIn is a big chunk of the social media platform, there is so much more opportunity for business owners to expand on. About 67% of LinkedIn members view LinkedIn for news and information. At the same time, around 40% of members log in each day looking for new content.

These statistics are good signs! As it turns out, business professionals enjoy reading in-depth, actionable content. So, now that these statistics are front of mind, let’s dive into some steps you can take to generate traffic from your business’ LinkedIn profile.

1. Use Your Headline to Sell Your Brand

There are a few ways to write your headline. Keep in mind, to-the-point and straightforward headlines are your best bet. You can state your job title, or you can write a compelling brand statement. Since your name and headline are two of the first things people see, you need to make sure they’re coherent with your brand image.

2. Include Professional Business Photos

In today’s social media age, good visuals are not an option but a necessity. The right images are a critical factor in making connections on LinkedIn, in addition to helping you initial sales with potential leads.

Be sure to choose photos that convey your brand in the right tone and light. You want to attract potential prospects with your content, not push them away. Staying consistent with your brand message and image across every platform is an important way to keep your brand easily recognizable to existing clients and prospective clients.

3. Make It Easy for People to Reach You

This is probably pretty obvious, but make sure your contact details are up-to-date. It should be the email you use for work, the right phone number, and your website’s links for your current company.

Remember, your goal is to achieve warm inbound leads, boost website traffic, and gain conversions.

4. Use Keywords Strategically

By now, you’re probably familiar––even a little bit––with the importance of keywords in digital marketing. From where we stand, keywords are just as important as potential leads––especially in your summary. A summary is similar to the About page of your business or brand on a website. It’s where a potential buyer can get to know you a little better before initiating contact.

People like to know who they are dealing with, which is why a well-written summary with the right keywords is effective.

5. Share Interesting Content

One of the most important aspects of social media––and this goes for most platforms-–is sharing interesting content. The art of social selling is interacting with sales leads, which can be done through sharing interesting content and interacting with those who do the same.

Coming up with a social media strategy is the best way to figure out what content is driving most of your traffic to your profile, as well as to your website. If you don’t have the time (or energy) to plan out your social media marketing, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency to tackle your social media platforms for you.