Consulting Services

We have a unique insight into business operations and digital marketing. Our consulting services revolve around creating a balanced and operationally efficient business, digital marketing integration, pricing and branding strategies, and integrating technology into your daily operations to promote growth and profitability.

Industries Served: Accounting • Non-Profit/Community Institutions • Local Retail •  Medical • Industrial Services • Residential Services • Food Service • Entertainment •  Municipal • Finance • Legal • Marketing & Advertising • Childcare

Organizational Types Serviced: Business to Business (B2B),  Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer Brands (D2C), Municipal, and Non-Profit.


We present comprehensive, engaging workshops for subjects ranging from high-level social media to particular topics within marketing techniques. We Provide technical expertise and insight from our real-world experience. All our workshops run from 2 to 4 hours and are 50% Q&A related to your business. We provide a syllabus and learning outcomes to ensure you leave with the ability to execute something new.

Marketing & Branding

Let’s achieve your marketing goals. Be that digital or traditional marketing, understanding the landscape of your business. We start by assessing your business against the market conditions you operate in and determining the best course of action based on what you want to achieve. All of our marketing and branding consulting services result in a working plan, and roadmap for you to follow. Ongoing advisement and updating is available.

Digital Integration

The internet is not a fad, as the events in the past few years have shown us that digital marketing is how a business can compete in an ever-changing digital landscape. We offer comprehensive a service to help you navigate the conversion from traditional marketing into digital marketing to maintain your business’ relevance.


Technology in operations is using software and tools to execute tasks, whether its automation takes busy work from your hands or identifies new means of conducting business – technology is a means to achieve that. We explore every option and price point and help you make the change to a new system that is more efficient for you.

Operations Efficiency

Running an efficient business can lead to higher profitability, ease of operation, and improved employee morale. With our experience in lean management techniques, we can provide an operation plan to improve your efficiency.

Instagram Stuff

Instagram marketing is like fire – it can be unpredictable but can also spread like wildfire or go out at a simple gust of wind. Terrible analogy, but you get it. We offer content creation (videos, reels, stories, and posts), strategy, account optimization, brand aesthetics – everything you need for a successful Instagram presence. We focus on organic growth for local businesses. 

Facebook Stuff

There’s so many facets to Facebook it can be daunting. We can take care of it for you. Remember, its’ not about post count, but post quality, messaging, and your strategy. We offer content creation (posts, graphics, events, reels, stories, and other stuff), account optimization, and Facebook strategy.

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