Project Overview

Wilson Design Associates (WDA) is a Landscape Design Agency in Auburn Hills, Michigan. When Joe Wilson came to us, he said he wanted the “best damn landscape design website in my market.” We responded with “You got it, Joe.” A big part of the focus on Joe’s website was photography. Contrasting the before and after is crucial, and it’s necessary to showcase the WDA portfolio with class, simplicity, and beauty. Along the journey, Joe needed branding materials, and we delivered two brochures, a one-page sales sheet, a digital & print quote template, letterhead, and business cards. We wrapped up the entire project with a Digital Marketing strategy, SEO, and Google AdWords Campaigns.


2016 WDA Website & Brand


Wilson Design Associates

What We Did

Responsive Web Design, Market Research, Print Design, Graphic Design, Portfolio Photography, Digital Marketing Strategy, and On-Site SEO.

Look Inside

Discover the Website

Beautiful Brands.

Beautiful print & graphic design.

The best quality paper’s and printing methods.

Marketing leave-behinds are valuable to you, and if they are remarkable, they’ll do you even more good. The designs that Wilson Design Associates got will do just that, be remarkable, and stand out from the crowd.

Professional Photography

Beautiful Portfolio Representation