Sometimes things

become obsolete.

This part of our portfolio covers websites that are aged, no longer maintained, or didn’t make it past the design phase. We do have to make room for the newcomers.

Our portfolio means a lot to us, as it speaks to who we are as designers. These web profiles range from 2008 to present. Not everything on this page is obsolete, but we want to make sure you get an understanding of our range of skills.

2013 – never realized

Upon request, we proposed this web layout and concept to The Godfather Cigar & Martini Lounge, in Rochester, Michigan. While it was never realized, we believe it is still a beautiful example of our skill.

2016 – Present

JEM Events, the management company behind hundreds of fantastic events across Detroit, asked us to recreate their flyer into a website. Using WordPress, and Adobe Creative Suite, we tore their graphics apart, and put it all together, seamlessly. We still maintain and host the website.


This is a proud moment in our history. We designed the website, ordering system, marketing materials, and branding for this luxury meat seller. In addition to advertising, digital marketing, and even restaurant sales collateral.


We worked with Action Bail Bonds for quite some time. Developing their website, as well as performing advertising, video production, and marketing.

2012 – never realized

While working with Prime Gourmet Meats, we also performed work for the parent company, Fairway Packing. While this web profile was never realized, it is among some of our best design work of the time. We also performed print and digital marketing services.


We worked with this amazing Community Development Corporation from 2013 to 2016. We performed a wide array of services, including designing and developing their website, branding. We also performed SEO and Digital Marketing.


We designed and developed the website for this Community Foundation in association with Sean Kammer.

2009 – never realized

This is more of a gag-website. We designed it, and all of the artwork as a social experiment. But we never completed the project.