nurish brands

Nurish Brands is an organic beverage manufacturer out of Pontiac Michigan. They produce all-natural, organic, non-gmo verified tasty drinks called Feel.


website design – branding – amazon store development – social media – copywriting – graphic design – package design – 3d rendering – photography

Plus laptop device

Color Palette

package design

Feel CBD Tropical Breeze 2
Blackberry Pomegranate Feel Energy

Dichotomy: To showcase the dichotomy between the two lines of energy and hemp. We used two different colors and designed inverted hemp packaging.

branding = #spreadgoodenergy

Feel is all about spreading good energy. We designed the #spreadgoodenergy branding campaign and developed feel’s messaging behind how to spread good energy.

The goal: To remind people that every day is a good day to do something nice for another. When someone picks up a feel we want them to wonder what they can do to #spreadgoodenergy.

profiling the flavors

Feel and dorsay wanted a unique look and feel to the brand – so we went as far as possible with it. In developing flavor profiles, we wrote copy and designed photos of based on the descriptions of the flavors.

Tastes Like:

Playing hooky in the Caribbean while it rains coconut water.

With fresh notes of pineapple, coconut and
citrus, this hemp infused beverage will transport
you right to the beach

Tastes Like:

A vivid dream where you’re travelin’ down the mouthwatering blackberry highway.

With bold, fruity notes of blackberries
and the tart richness of pomegranate, you’ll cruise through the day with flying colors. Take the scenic route!

e-commerce web site design

amazon development

social media & ads management


We’re in Pontiac Michigan
(248) 775-1250

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