Why Modernize?

You modernize to compete.

There are several reasons why businesses must innovate how they deliver their customer’s experiences. 1. Innovation drives competition. 2. Ability to adapt means longevity in the marketplace. 3. Failure to innovate will lead to failure. 

All of these reasons are valid for every business and company. Whether you sell gasoline, pants, roof repair, hair-dos, or accounting services, how you innovate determines your market share. How flexible or adaptable you are to changing trends determines profitability, and not doing anything will inevitably lead to failure – if none of these reasons are compelling enough for you, stop reading and go back to calculating your losses this quarter with an abacus.  

Innovation Drives Competition

Competition is an excellent thing for free markets. But being the first is not always the best. The more you can innovate how you deliver your client’s or customer’s experience, the faster you grow sales. 

Adapt to Trends

Not those trends. Don’t fill your store with a bunch of tie-dye t-shirts – we’re a digital agency – when we say adapt to trends, we’re specifically referring to marketing trends. Right now, e-commerce, social shops, digital ads, SEO, and mainly social media are your way to your customer’s heart. If you have a good campaign, you can fill your store with tie-dye t-shirts and sell out. But if you don’t sell online, you can’t. In the future, the sales trends might be reliant on augmented reality shopping experiences – who knows? But for now, you need to have an online presence

Failure to innovate will lead to failure.

A website gives you an online home; social media gives you a voice; digital advertising leads everyone to your home where they can rest and feast. So if they can’t go anywhere online with you – they won’t feast, and you’ll starve. (Sorry for your luck because you thought the internet was a fad). 

We can help

At dorsay we modernize companies for the digital marketplace. We’ve done so with many of our clients. Not only does digital marketing cost a fraction of traditional marketing, but it can also yield better results with trackable ROI – meaning we can directly attribute $27,653,002.27 (as of Jan 22) in revenue to our clients from our work. If you want a chunk of what we do for our clients – take this opportunity to get it.