How Search Engine Optimization Helps You

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helps you the same way it helped Telly's. dorsay uses SEO to help Telly's achieve a #1 national Google Ranking, and lead all competitors keywords on local Google Search in all cities around their hometown of Troy. SEO helps you the same way it helped Lafayette Grande achieve the top 3 local Google Ranking for 25 keywords in 15 target cities.


That’s our motto. Our focus is on your small business. Good big brand creative isn’t always available to great companies. Let’s work together to make sure everyone knows the greatness of your small business.


How We Do It

SEO is a tricky mistress, that’s for sure. With occasional algorithm updates from Search Engines, the game changes frequently. A major part of what we do to rank you in the search engines is understand the nuances between your website and the search engines. Good SEO is not based 100% on keywords. It’s based on the relevancy of your keywords to your website, opportunity for your keywords, your website content, and even the interaction level. Site Speed, Bounce Rate it all matters. We focus on 4 key parts in our SEO strategies: Relevancy, Keywords & Your Website, Content, and New Opportunities.


Relevancy is how much your content meets the demands of the searcher. Just a few simple questions: How likely is your the content on your website going to help a searcher find what they want? How much time will someone stay on your website reading that content? Is there text, images or videos? And how does the content speak to the search engines? We answer those, and we perform optimization to improve those.

Keywords & Your Website

Everyone has heard of keywords. But they’re not everything to SEO. A long time ago you could bury keywords in the bottom of your page, hide the keywords by making them the same color as the background, or use meta-keywords. Do any of that now, and you’ll be blocked on every search engine. So instead, we strategize the keywords. We focus on ranking you on search terms that people will actually type and look for. We use psychology and research to identify how the various buyers will search for your product. And that’s how we get you to #1.


We’ve mentioned content about 100 times in this copy. But content is the real hero in everything. If your content is amazing, up to date, and relevant, much of the work is done. We’re content experts and we do our homework so we speak to the people reading and contemplating your service, product or words.

New Opportunities

There are always new opportunities. Sometimes we rank you for a key phrase or keyword. Then it’s time to find a new one. We generate content, do all the back-end stuff, and rank you for the new one. We repeat this constantly to get you the best results. We focus mostly on local opportunities, while ranking nationally is great, local search is where your money is.

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