Effective Email Marketing

Every day, 269 billion emails are sent. Every day, businesses are communicating with customers, communicating with other businesses, communicating with you. All good marketing begins with setting a goal, and email marketing isn't any different. A successful email marketing campaign challenges recipients to take action and engage with your business, building leads and sales.


That’s our motto. Our focus is on your small business. Good big brand creative isn’t always available to great companies. Let’s work together to make sure everyone knows the greatness of your small business.


Optimized Email Marketing Campaigns

Think of email as the bedrock of generating sales. Email is still a widely used platform with over 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers using it daily. Pinterest might wow you and Twitter may be trendy, but email is still the best in the business for generating customer interaction and sales. An email marketing campaign is comprised of both content and the amount of follow through you are willing to give it. At Dorsay, we can provide you with visually interesting campaigns, reduce your total text, and optimize your calls to action.

Top-Notch Design

Email marketing is not just collecting good emails and adding them to the list. There’s a design element that is required to make effective use of those email addresses. We focus on creating emails that convert through design.

Proper List Management

Ever heard of a blacklist? Neither have we. We focus on making sure your emails are collected legitimately, and when someone unsubscribes, they’re removed. Sending unwanted emails is the fastest way to kill your email marketing campaigns.

Website Integration

While we don’t believe in annoying pop-ups, sometimes they’re effective in collecting emails. We can integrate your email list collection with your website, whether it’s a pop-up, attached to forms, or in the footer, we can make sure that you collect the emails you need.


Drill down into your email user behaviors, with an effective email marketing campaign, comes a lot of user data. You can have us set up reminder emails integrated with shopping carts, birthday emails, and emails that automate to send based on past purchase behaviors.

Analytics, Research & Testing

When do I send the email? Which users like this content the most? What products sell to certain customers? Let us answer those questions to set up the maximum return on investment, and effect real results for you.

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Starting Over Can Be Easy

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