Digital Marketing Services

What the hell is digital marketing? It’s what we call internet marketing (haha). But it’s really what we do to promote your business online, and via digital techniques and technologies. Think, Google Ads, Geo-stalking customers to show off your wares… that sort of thing. We get you in front of your actual customers. 

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising encompasses all means of PPC advertising online. Think of Google Ads, Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads). And the elements within include search, video, display ads. With this we can target a myriad of different metrics to deliver great ads and landing page experiences to customers and clients in your market. This does include social media – read more here. 

Search Optimization

It’s actually called search engine optimization (SEO), but we ran out of space in the header. SEO is amazing. It allows you to rank in the search engines for things people look for on Google etc – with SEO we can drive your organic (real) placement on search higher and higher. Once at the top, expect a stable base of sales, or other metrics just from people searching for things.


With advertising is the challenge of keeping your service or product top of mind for those that engaged with you. Remarketing is for just that. Our remarketing campaigns are integrated between platforms. Someone that interacts with your website, can be targeted on Google, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Remarketing is a powerful tool for you in front of your customers. 

SMS Marketing

SMS is marketing via text messages. It’s similar in purpose to email marketing, except we automate and generate texts – SMS marketing is harder to get signups, but easier to sell repeat business too. Both retailers and services can use this – depending on how they provide services. Want to integrate an SMS marketing strategy and automation into your business? Let’s talk.

Email Marketing

We create and build email lists to distribute regular marketing and sales material. Email marketing is an important part of any sales strategy that includes lead-life, or a product. Retail shops can use their email lists to keep customers in the know – while an accountant can use emails to distribute information about the upcoming tax changes, to bloggers using it to show off their latest blog.


What is geotargeting? This is a powerful tool to build lists to deliver ads to based on where they go or have been. Extremely powerful for capturing retail intent, marketing to competitors’ customers, or keeping your location in the ad stream for your customers. We’ve partnered with a leading geo-analytics company to gather data so we can make effective cold-reach ads to potential customers.

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