3 Tips to Make Your Website Look Better


I’m going to tell you how to make a grand impression, and ultimately make your website look better with 3 tips. The first is professional photography, find a photographer, and pay them to take pictures. Next, be bold, use bold colors, fonts, and try and think outside of the norms of the templates, and never use a template. Finally, use headings and subheadings that capture the attention of the reader.

Professional Photography

Using pictures to convey your product or service

Professional photography is a massive part of being professional, and it’s an easy way to get the imagery to evoke the emotions you want. Pay a photographer to photograph your portfolio, or conduct a photo shoot with your inspiration behind it. No stock photos! Avoid them at all costs, there are times when you need to use them, and use them carefully, and choose them carefully, avoid the shaking hands, or the paper and pencil imagery too. Below is an example of professional-grade photography that’ll make your website look better. Rather than a bunch of icons, use photos to express the excellence and quality of your work. Don’t talk about it, show it.


A website remembered, is a business remembered

Be bold. This is hard to do because we’re all stuck in web-design laziness, header, body, and footer. A website designed to look like a poster will always look better than one created with the standard elements. So let your designer use their creativity to design something that stands out. Tell them to use bold colors, different fonts, and to be creative. Tell them to come up with something unique to your industry. (But tell them not to be stupid about it).

Use Headers & Subheaders

They capture attention and tell the reader what to expect.


Many websites don’t have headings or subheadings, and they’re losing sales. Headings and subheadings will capture the attention of the reader, and it’s what they will primarily read. So this falls back to this article about content marketing, use headings as a newspaper uses headlines, keep them short (or long if appropriate), but concise, and they’ll have a more significant impact on your visitors. To the left is an example of all three elements discussed in this article, it has professional photography, a bold look, and we use headings and subheadings efficiently. Another tip to keep in your back pocket, when writing these headlines and headers, substitute “and,” with “&” and “three,” with “3.” They break up the copy and force the reader to process the line.

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3 Tips to Make Your Website Look Better

These aren’t tricks, these are pieces of advice so you can make your website stand out, and you can make your website look better with these 3 tips. What you should ultimately take away from this article is that the tactics you use to design a website, can make it stand apart from all the others, you can make sure to leave a lasting impression on your viewers. So remember, don’t be cheap and buy stock photo’s, hire a professional. Don’t be conservative in your design. Finally, use headings and subheadings to express meaning. Remember, there are many ways to improve your website, but you can make your website look better with these 3 tips, and it’s a tremendous start.


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