Lead Generation: 5 Essential WordPress Plugins

5 wordpress plugins essential for lead generation 2017


There are many essential factors in Lead Generation. However, the focus of this post is the tools and plugins you need to create a great user experience that leads to conversions. The focus of a lead generation campaign is converting users (conversions). The following list of tools is crucial to simplifying and encouraging excellent results for your lead generation campaigns.

For the do-it-yourself types, this article will give you a glimpse into the tools that will aid in the pursuit of leads, conversely, if you don’t plan on doing it yourself, read this anyway, and do thorough research to find the right agency.

The Parts of Lead Generation
Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Landing Pages, Web Forms, and Website Speed; not to mention a good marketing plan, content, and strategy. We will present you with options necessary to generating your own leads, and what’s out there to help.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO on your WordPress website will improve organic search results. The on-site mix, if properly executed will increase the natural traffic to your site. This is the first step in lead generation because it will improve traffic.


yoast for lead generationPlugin: Yoast SEO
5 Stars out of 13,466 reviews

Cost: Free to $69 for a single site license
Essential for: SEO analysis and implementation.

Yoast is an incredible tool for the on-site SEO process. It houses a huge compendium of information to help you understand how SEO works. The plugin comes in a free version and a premium version – which has some extended features. Get the Premium version, it allows you to create more than 1 focus keyword per page, and a host of other valuable features. Yoast SEO also has a great built-in system that tells social networking – Facebook & Twitter – your defined content to use when displaying a preview on that platform from linking. Another brilliant feature is the copy analyzer. It analyses your written content and makes recommendations to improve it, they work on a green, yellow, and red light. Shoot for the green light! Improving written content will improve search results. There is no real alternative to Yoast SEO. Read more about the relationship between your website and search engines.


PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Pay-Per-Click Advertising, such as Google AdWords, and Bing Ads is most likely to drive leads your way. I define it as a two-step qualification.

  • Step One: People who search for you, have a need to find what you’re offering. Since they’re looking for your service, it qualifies them as a potential lead.
  • Step Two: When someone clicks on your ad, they want to hear what you’re offering. Now, they’re even more qualified as a potential customer.
  • Step Three: Get them to fill out a form, or perform your desired action. Now they are a converted lead – it’s your turn to sell them.

This next plugin will help you track, and understand who is viewing your site. It tells you behavior, new sessions, affinity categories, interests, basic demographics, conversion rates, interaction time, location, and which device they used.


google analytics for wordpress for lead generationPlugin: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)
5 Stars out of 315 reviews.

Cost: Free
Essential for: Understanding your traffic, in a single place.

GADWP is a great little tool that can cut down your time significantly. It delivers Google Analytics tracking to the dashboard of your WordPress. Although this isn’t a tool that will directly generate leads, it is necessary to understand where problems exist and how you can improve on them. Google Analytics is a tool that records what people do on your website, without ‘recording’ the activity. This plugin gives you a snapshot of information right when on login. You need to have a Google Analytics account linked to your website, and get an API code to use it. The plugin and Google Analytics are both free. I will discuss a plugin that will aid in the integration of Google Analytics to your WordPress, later in the list.

Understanding the data is paramount, for example, if one of your landing pages, has 100 new sessions, a bounce rate of 100%, and a user duration of 12 seconds – you have a huge problem. The data tells you when it’s time to make changes. This tool doesn’t replace Google Analytics, but it’s a great extension.


Landing Pages


A Landing page is exactly as it sounds; it’s where your users end up after clicking a PPC link/ad, or following an email or social media link. There are several plugins that help you to create landing pages, but none are better than this one.

visual composer for lead generationPlugin: WP Bakery Visual Composer
5 Stars out of 315 reviews.

Cost: $34 (Through Envato)
Essential for: Building beautiful landing pages.

Visual Composer (VC) is a phenomenal tool to use for easily building pages. With a wide variety of customizations, added plugins, and templates, it’s well put together and well supported. This is a huge benefit to making landing pages, and just great pages in general. It’s a part of every WordPress I design and build. It works great with WP Forms, LayerSlider, Yoast, and Gravity Forms.


Web Forms


Web forms are what people fill out to contact you. They’re a great way to collect leads and information. You can conduct survey’s and encourage people to sign up for newsletters. They are mandatory in any good landing page design. Here are a few excellent plugins for WordPress.

wpforms for lead generationPlugin: WP Forms
4.9 Stars out of 750 reviews.

Cost: From $39 to $499
Essential for: Standard and advanced form building and service integration.

I love WPForms, it’s a super easy to use and it works great with Visual Composer. The premium version is necessary. Some great add-ons come with it, depending on which plan you choose. You can integrate MailChimp, allowing you to automatically add new users to your newsletter. It has Stripe and PayPal add-on’s that let you have customer’s pay, or donate through simplistic or complex forms, but it’s all on one form.


gravity forms for lead generationPlugin: Gravity Forms
4.9 Stars out of 750 reviews.

Cost: From $39 to $199 from Gravity.
Essential for: Advanced form building and service integration.

Gravity Forms has a few features that WPForms doesn’t which makes it a bigger powerhouse form tool. With some add-ons and other plugins, you can easily integrate Gravity Forms with Woo Commerce to extend purchase options neatly, and add suggested products etc. It has Quiz, MailChimp, Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe, and Coupons add-ons. With this, you can enhance the functionality of your web forms 10-fold. Multi-Page forms are easy to set up, and it’s all easy to install. But Gravity Forms does not have a free version available.

WPForms and Gravity Forms both have their advantages, and it depends on what you need to do with the forms. For basic WordPress integration, WPForms is the best way to go. For a more advanced experience with Woo Commerce integration, Gravity Forms is the best. As far as forms go, they both extend the same functionality to make the same types of forms. Unlike Contact Form 7, both gather your form entries per form for easy to access information.

There’s a whole world of great WordPress plugins to aid in lead generation. Such as GTMetrix for WordPress, WP Super Cache, the entire WPMU package from WPMU DEV. But these are the core 5 I use in every website. They help me quickly analyze, track, build, and collect leads. But it’s important to remember, that these plugins will not make the leads happen for you, they will just aid in the process.

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