3 Reasons you need digital marketing3 reasons you need digital marketing

Digital marketing is a blanket term for marketing using digital formats, such as the internet, display advertising, and mobile devices. Per a recent study, the digital marketing industry has grown to a $32 billion-dollar industry in the first part of 2016, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 11% for the next 5 years per Forbes. This number is staggering. Why has digital marketing seen such an incredible amount of growth? It works. First, digital marketing works for everyone. Second, it is far less expensive than traditional marketing. Third, it is an easier medium to reach your audience.

What’s involved with digital marketing?

The list of what we do in digital marketing is exhaustive. But it includes: Websites, PPC advertising, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, optimizing conversions, mobile marketing, display advertising, email direct marketing, and even mobile phones.

Many small-business owners still think the billboard on the road is bringing in their business. More than likely, it’s the Apple Maps, Google Places, or Yelp listings that the business owner didn’t know existed. All the while, the business is getting reviews and the business knows nothing of it. This is because they’re not managing or collecting that information. Read 3 reasons you need a real website.

Can I increase sales using digital marketing?

Yes, but knowing your customer, and how they buy is key, so do your research. Throwing bad money after bad money is not the best strategy to any marketing campaign. Conduct the research to find out what makes your customers buy and what turns them away. Find a good digital marketing agency and be clear about your goals, and listen to what they tell you. Give it time, no digital marketing campaign will triple your sales in 3 hours, you have a brand to build in a new marketplace, once built, you should expect to see results – if you don’t, conduct more research and find out why. Be open to testing, and really listen to negative feedback.

1 Online marketing works for everyone

Online marketing can work for everyone, not at once, and not without some expense. You cannot make a website and just expect to become an internet sensation or make millions of dollars overnight. If you want it to work for you there are steps to follow:

  1. Spend much of your free time reading about digital marketing techniques, or find a digital marketer (stay away from any that make implicit guarantees for results, because it’s a lie).
  2. Visit online research sites and do the right research on your proposed website designs or online campaigns, or make sure your digital marketing agency is talking to you about the right research and ask for the results.
  3. Start a small/modest campaign including the basics, such as Google AdWords (don’t use AdWords Express), Google Analytics (for tracking), and Facebook. Be sure to learn about these platforms and how to use them. If you hire a digital marketing agency, make sure you get and see reports on a regular basis, and be actively involved in the process.
  4. Follow the advice of the experts, the internet is a big place, and there’s a wealth of knowledge available to you. But, if you hire an agency, follow their advice, don’t dismiss what they say because of a preconceived notion about your business. Chances are, their information is coming from an analysis of the research, and current market trends. But, never forget that you will always understand your business better than any marketer, so make sure you impart that knowledge to them.

I’ve yet to find a client that digital marketing hasn’t worked for. The formula or marketing mix does have to be right, finding that sweet spot can be easy or difficult – depends on market conditions, and the research we conduct.

2 It’s less expensive than traditional marketing

You can produce results for as little as $300 a month for a PPC campaign. Boost a post or tweet for $50 and gain 50 likes or followers, and reach 5,000 people. And it can drive direct meaningful results that bring cold hard cash to you. Meanwhile, traditional marketing is all about impressions and audience reach. A standard local broadcast television placement will cost you anywhere from $20 for day time TV to $8,000 for a local sports team – let’s be clear – this cost is for one showing of your commercial for 15 to 30 seconds. There is also the production of the commercial, which can be expensive. For clarity, TV/Radio/Newspaper & Magazine advertising has its place, but it’s not always cost effective unless brand awareness is what you’re seeking.

3 It is an easier medium to reach your audience

What’s this mean? Using digital marketing you have a better chance of hitting your target market. In addition, there are entrance barriers that exclude small business from using traditional marketing platforms, such as cost, and creative. Using social media, you can reach your audience for free. You can pay small amounts of money to reach people valuable to your business. It’s on YouTube, websites, social networks, phones, tablets, even Apps have advertisement placements.

Why you need digital marketing

You can target your market very specifically. It’s easy to stratify data to find current and future trends. Doing it yourself is possible (if you have that much time). Digital marketing is what you need as a small business, and it’s a cost-effective way to reach your audience. You need an online presence that matches your brand, sales strategy, and internet selling tools. Traditional marketing is not always accessible to small business.

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